Trendspotting 2012: Indigo Effect

Gillar du blått? Väljer du gärna blå nyanser till ditt hem, så har du ditt på det torra kommande säsonger. För nu kommer blått starkt. Särskilt den blå nyansen indigo.  

Det är en elegant färgskala, där olika blå, ofta kalla nyanser, kombineras med dova lila, rosa, ljusgrå och grönbeige accenter. Något för dig kommande säsong?

Indigo blue is big in coming years, predicts Pantone. They call this trend: Indigo Effects and describe it as the twilight colors of a descending night sky, which evokes a mood of broad expansiveness and depth. It is enveloping and protective, yet mysterious.

 "The colors are variations on a blue theme – celestial and majestic blues, purpled and deep blue indigos – all deftly brushed with contrasting strokes of maroon, mauve and moody gray."

Collages based on pics from photographer Gemma ComasHouse to Home and Tumblr
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TRANSLATION (well, sort of...)

Paper design by Ikea

Sorry for the blog silence lately. You know it's fall, when the work load keep you from sharing all the goodies you've collected for the blog recently. So, while waiting for things to ease up, here are some images I got from Ikea today.  
Love these paper lamps,  designed by Jon Karlsson. The effect is very airy, very crisp, very Japanese. OK, back to work, now. 
Ni som läser mina bloggar, vet att jag är svag för papper. Pappers konst. Pappers design. Inte så konstigt att jag föll pladask för dessa eleganta Ikea lampor av Jon Karlsson.

Foto: Nina Broberg/IKEA Livet Hemma
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Natural inspiration - Rofyllda interiörbilder

A while ago, I posted some beautiful photographs 
by Gemma Comas
Here are another selection of inspiring stills 
from the same source. Enjoy! 

Musiksatt typografi - Typeface Poem Script

Musiksatt typografi. Gör mig lite sentimental... filmen får mig att tänka på min bror - tryckaren. Och hans verkstad, där jag jobbade så många timmar för att dryga ut studielånen. Omgiven av grafiska formgivare. Med många diskussioner om typsnitt, bildformat, pica, papperskvaliteter, tryckfärg. Mycket mörkrumsjobb blev det. Sena kvällar och nätter när det behövdes. Sentimental, var ordet.

Typeface Poem Script designed by Ale Paul. Directed by Santiago Idelson. Music performed by Rachel Grimes. (Sudtipos Foundry on Vimeo)

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Ballet Poetry in Black and White

I wouldn't mind having this photograph - by New York photographer Dane Shitagi - on my wall. 
Photo by Dane Shitagi
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Concrete Bathroom - Badrumsinspiration i betong

Planerar du att förnya ditt badrum, kanske detta kan inspirera? Råa betongväggar, bänkar längs med duschväggarna och småsten på golvet. Tappa inte tvålen, bara.... 
I have the worst bathroom. Ever. If I have anything to do with it, my next one will be like this: raw, grey concrete walls and seats all around plus pebbels on the floor. You better not slip and fall in this shower ;-)

Trendspotting: Elle goes Green

Swedish Elle Interiör is my favorite (Swedish) interior mag. Love the international outlook. The other day the September issue landed in my mailbox. Jumped at the cover: that moss colored sofa. All those pics of greenery. Inspiring and looking great! The article inside wasn't half bad either. Just love these pics by Swedish photograpeher Idha Lindhag, which I borrowed from her site. 

Above: Love the two Morris wallpapers in this pic. Can we look forward to a William Morris revival in Sweden now? (When I ask my interior design students if they know of Williams Morris and his work, they all shake their heads... Maybe no more? ;-))
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Nature - with a silver lining

Tuesday. The day of the week when I dig my hands deep into clay. 
Just experimenting at the moment. We'll see what comes out of it.... 
Nothing like British silversmith Alex Ramsey's stunning work, I am sure. 
I find his items absolutely stunning! 
Especially love the way he mixes materials - silver, glass, wood, sea shells etc.  

 What can I say? I am inspired. 

På tapeten. Natural and vintage on your walls

Bringing nature indoors via a wallpaper may be just the thing. Here are some examples from the Swedish shop Your Wallpaper.  
 The first two are by designer Mrs Murphy

 These beauties are by photographer Jonny von Wallström

Below: an old photograph turned wallpaper, by Alain Couillaud

And last, but not least: wallpaper design by talented Lisa Bengtsson. Not new, but still a favorite of mine. 
All images from Your Wallpaper
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Shopping Japanese style

Sometimes I wish I could read Japanese. Like today, while visiting the japanese webshop (with the french name) Orne de Feuilles. So many beautiful items. Beautifully photographed. Don't you just want to have it all? 
First some examples of lamps and lanterns made of rope, iron or wood: 

Beautiful storage. Old and new.

Below: a vase made of fabric!

And other elegant details for your home. 

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Pure, elegant WABI SABI arrangements

Sorry for the silence this week. I've been real busy preparing for a course on interior design, styling and homestaging, that I'm hosting this weekend. Nothing out of the ordinary, really, since I'm giving them several times a year. But this time I wanted to make some update, and for some reason, updates always tend to take longer than planned. Oh well... See you all next week. To tie you over - here are some beautiful images from from utsuwa-ku

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