Photograph by Yevgeny UmnovAutumn Mood 1957.
Photo via my Pinterst
Read more about him in  Maya's  comment below. 
Thanks for your help, Maya! 

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  1. Yevgeny Umnov (1919 –1975) was a famous Soviet photographer. He is ispecially know for his photos of the Russian Ballet. Here is the link about him:

    Yevgeny Umnov was born in Moscow in 1919. After graduating from school, in 1938-1944 he studied in the Moscow Engineering and Construction Insitute (MISI), Department of Architecture.

    While in evacuation in Novosibirsk, Umnov worked as journalist photographer for Sovetskaya Sibir (Soviet Siberia) newspaper. In 1943 he returned to Moscow and continued his studies in MISI; from 1947 on he was employed as photographer by the All-Union Society of International Cultural Liasons (VOKS).

    From 1950 to 1975 Umnov photographed for Ogonyok (Spark) magazine. His photographs were published by APN (Agency of Political News), appeared in the magazines Sovetsky Soyuz (Soviet Union), Teatr (Theatre), Ballet, Sovetskoye Foto (Soviet Photo), Krestyanka (Peasant Woman) and others. They were commonly used at creation of photographic albums dedicated to the Russian ballet and to advertise the international tours of Bolshoy Theatre ballet and folk dancing groups. Umnov took part in and received awards of many photography exhibitions in the USSR and abroad.

    Yevgeny Umnov died in 1975.

    The retrospective exhibition of Umnov's work was held in 2010 in FotoSoyuz gallery, in commemoration of his 90-year anniversary.

    1. Thanks but I did not write all that. I just copied and pasted from the link I gave you :)

      Love your blog ;)

  2. Thanks to Maya for providing info on Umnov. "Autumn Mood" is sublime.

  3. Fantastic! Gorgeous photo! Nice photography!


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