Where nature and design meet

You've probably heard of the Golden Rectangle
It's taught at art and design schools, as a tool to find the perfect balance 
in a picture, a design, or in architecture. 
Or for that matter, all sorts of arrangements. Like still life. 
It's good to know, And practice. 
But can make a design, painting or arrangement slightly boring, 
unless you add a twist to it - skew it a little. 

The mathematics behind it all is based on the Fibonacci sequence
Look closely, and you'll find it everywhere in nature. 
Like the shell above.

Or the white rose or green leaves below. 
And lots, and lots of man made design. 

WABI SABI Lisbeth Williams @ Williams Design
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  1. Great post, thank you!

    I have specifically been obsessed with how forms, functions and patterns of insects influence design. I even created a phot set on this subject: http://www.flickr.com/photos/teabutterfly/sets/72157633001034559/

    My late grand-father was obsessed with the golden rectangle. He helped me understand it. while maths are not my forte, understanding the golden recatangle principle help me get very good grades at my final math exam in highschool!



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