Meet me at David's

This restaurant is not in my neck of the woods, but I wish it was! I'd feel right at home in this newly opened Melbourne restaurant. It's yet another of the highly acclaimed David's restaurants. This one is situated in the Prahran area, with a Hecker Guthrie designed interior and a Shanghai inspired menu. 

David’s first opened some 15 years ago as a small tea store. Behind it all is Shanghai-born David Zhou. With growing success, the tea store grew into a series of restaurants, where they serve a casual mix of traditional Shanghai cuisine and contemporary dishes. 

Right - now you know where to find me if I ever get my act together and visit Australia... 

WABI SABI interior design art photography
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  1. Thank you for the the amazing pictures!
    I keep coming back here to gather inspiration for my future apartment. It's a 100 years old building (in Canada, that's pretty old!) and I really want to bring out it's historical side. :)

    A suggestion if I may: a "random" button/feature to scan through the older posts! :)

    Magnificent blog, keep up the good work!!

  2. Oooh, ist's stunning !!! Thank you for sharing :-) helga

  3. Very cool! Wish I knew where they purchased their dishes. I bought a set of those blue and white "fish" dishes about 30 years ago, not many left, and I dearly love them. Sigh. . .


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