NEW FACTS: Santa and his reindeers

Some hard facts about Santa and his entourage, 
that you need to know before the big day.... 
Found over at the North Carolina State University:

NC State’s Dr. Larry Silverberg, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, can explain the science and engineering principles that allow Santa to pull off the magical feat year after year. Silverberg was team leader on a first-of-its-kind visiting scholars program at Santa’s Workshop-North Pole Labs (NPL) last year. Silverberg says that Santa has a personal pipeline to children’s thoughts – via a listening antenna that combines technologies currently used in cell phones and EKGs – which informs him that Mary in Miami hopes for a surfboard, while Michael from Minneapolis wants a snowboard. 
Silverberg is not so naïve as to think that Santa and his reindeer can travel approximately 200 million square miles – making stops in some 80 million homes – in one night. Instead, he posits that Santa uses his knowledge of the space/time continuum to form what Silverberg calls “relativity clouds". Based on his advanced knowledge of the theory of relativity, Santa recognizes that time can be stretched like a rubber band, space can be squeezed like an orange and light can be bent,” Silverberg says. “Relativity clouds are controllable domains – rips in time – that allow him months to deliver presents while only a few minutes pass on Earth. The presents are truly delivered in a wink of an eye.”
Santa's reindeer – genetically bred to fly, balance on rooftops and see well in the dark – don’t actually pull a sleigh loaded down with toys. Instead, each house becomes Santa’s workshop as he utilizes his “magic bag of toys” – a nano-toymaker that is able to fabricate toys inside the children’s homes. The presents are grown on the spot, as the nano-toymaker creates – atom by atom – toys out of snow and soot, much like DNA can command the growth of organic material like tissues and body parts.
“This is merely an overview, based on what we learned at the NPL, of Santa’s delivery methods,” Silverberg says. “Without these tools, it would be impossible for him to accomplish his annual mission, given the human, physical and engineering constraints we face today.” More hard facts here. Image from Finland/christmasbykatsuja
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DIY Christmas Wood Ornament Tutorial

I like to make ornaments of natural materials like paper and wood. Here is an example made out of balsa wood. You just make your own design (or copy the one above) and then get to work according to the video below. This idea comes from ShonaStudio. Happy cutting!

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DIY Great Christmas Paper Ornament Tutorial

How about these awesome paper speres made out of old paper by rhymeswithmagicart? There is still time, if you are up to it. Find the detailed tutorial here
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DIY Beautiful Christmas Felt Ornament Tutorial

 These beautiful, felt ornaments are made by The Purlbee. Looks like snowballs, right? 
You'll find the detailed tutorial here. Happy sewing! 
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DIY Trendy Polygons ideas for your Christmas Decorations or Gift Wrapping

If you're into polygons, the web is full of sites and blogs with great instructions on how to make your own. I've collected some great gift packaging ideas here. Click on the links for details and how-to instructions. 

Jag letade efter idéer till att göra egna paket till lite smågrejer jag skall sälja. Till min glädje hittade jag en hel rad finfina websidor och bloggar med utförliga beskrivningar på allt annat än fyrkantiga paket. Precis vad jag behöver. Nu är det bara att införskaffa lagom tjocka papper och börja experimentera. Gillar du geometriska former, finns det utmärkta beskrivningar online som detaljerat visar hur du kan göra egna pappersprismor att hänga i granen eller i fönstret. Kanske behöver du en ny liten väska för småsaker? Då finns det beskrivningar till det också. Lycka till! Idé & bild ovan t.v från save-on-crafts

Bild ovan till höger och nedan: vik din egen pyramid i valfritt material och storlek. Bara att följa de enkla handledningarna från nicholeheady

Praktiskt paket med mallar och beskrivningar på hur du kan göra egna pyramider och andra polygoner kan du köpa av etsysäljaren Field Guide DesignNedan: vintage metallpyramider från Etsy

Ovan: julpaket från polkadotprintsstudio
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DIY: Christmas Ice Lantern Tutorial

Do you have winter where you are? 
Why not try this welcoming lantern?

All you need is two (different size) containers/buckets
and some decorations like branches, leaves, spices, slices of fruit etc.  

1. Put the smaller bucket inside the big one. 
2.  Place something heavy in the small bucket to keep it down.
3. Add water up to the brim in the space between the two buckets. 
4. Place your decorations in the water, 
using some of it to fix the small bucket in the center of the big one. 
5. Place the buckets outside to freeze.
6. If you've greased the outside of the small bucket and the inside of the big one, 
it is easier to remove the two buckets from your new ice lantern.
7. Place a candle inside and you're in business.
(Photo: Studio Dreyer Hensley)

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Redesigning a barn

Autumn is always a busy time. Teaching, planning next years courses, plus working on different design and building projects. Architecture is always fun, big or small doesn't matter. For example: I'm redesigning an old barn - turning it into a small conference center with over night and spa facilities. Of course (being me), I'm re-using as much and possible. Adding mostly new wood, metal, glass and terra cotta tiles where needed. Among other things, we need to open up two walls. To communicate with the barn owner, I've collected a bunch of inspirational photos from my Pinterest files. I think we'll do just fine, don't you?

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DIY: White Christmas Paper Garland Tutorial

Don't like curtains? But still want something curtain-like to increase the cosy feel during winter? How about this clever idea - snowflakes on a string! Quite possible my favorite DIY.... 
It's a quite beautiful, yet simple DIY garland from the Swedish blog Mokkasin. It only takes a few minutes and everyone can do it. The result is stunning!! All you need is some white tissue paper, a scissor and a big needle, plus some nice, robust strings. How to do: 
1. cut out small, "circular" pieces of the paper
2. make a pile of the papers circles, thick/thin enough to be able to press through with the needle and string. 
3. add as many piles as you prefer on each string
4. carefully separate the papers to make the garland
5. hang them in the window and see them turn. Enjoy!
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DIY ORIGAMI - Beautiful Paper Ornaments for Christmas

Looking for something new to decorate your home or office this Christmas? How about these origami decorations? As window dressing? Or Christmas tree decorations? All these beauties are by GoOrigami. If you plan do fold something like these beauties, I guess you have to start practicing NOW! I know I will. 

Go here for lots and lots of inspiration.